New Threat: Cyber Criminals Kidnapping Your Data

Don't Pay Ransom - Learn How To Protect Your Business

Cryptolocker and other blackmail attacks have been so 
successful in extorting money from businesses like yours-

         over 12,000 victims per week, at an average of

         $300 to $800 per machine, according to cybercrime

         experts Sophos

– that cybercriminals are now hard at work developing a
“kit” so that thugs with NO CODING EXPERIENCE can
get in on the hot blackmail action.

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Ransomware is quickly becoming the number one choice
for cybercriminals. Here's what's got the bad guys rubbing
their hands with greed...


The Cryptolocker virus bypasses most virus protection software.  You are not safe from this.


Terrorist organizations overseas are funding their operations by capturing your data and selling it back to you for a hansom ransom.


Bitcoin reports that cyber thieves are making millions off these attackes and once infected you are at their mercy. 

It's highly effective at getting victims like you to pay.

They use Bitcoin to keep it anonymous and hard to trace.
It can go undetected for weeks as it prepares to strike
your mission critical data.

It's nearly impossible to remove because it employs
encryption levels up to 16 times more secure than the
levels used at the largest global financial institutions!

Sophos' global head of security research says that ransomware is
“all set to become the “market leader” of malware, due to Microsoft’s
efforts to protect Windows computers against other kinds of attacks.

"Cryptolocker is very much a deviation from the norm, and I actually
think it is a sign of things to come."

-BBC News

But that's just today's problem. Here's what's coming next...

No “Heissenberg” Required to Kidnap Your Data?

If you're a fan of Breaking Bad, this is like low level drug dealers suddenly
being able to cook up the ultra-pure “Blue Meth”...without needing
a Heissenberg-level chemist to do it!

Imagine an advance extortion tool like CryptoLocker suddenly
in the hands of any common criminal. No coding genius required.

No “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” hacker savant needed.

No Heissenberg.  Any common thug could have access to the
most lethal cyberweapon of all time.

Is your network ready for that? 

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