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What if you still need Windows XP?

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Microsoft is cancelling all support and security updates for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Businesses still operating on Windows XP are have to migrate off the 12 year old operating system as experts warn that a tsunami of malware attacks is expected.

The Windows XP user base has declined drastically since early 2013 as users upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. But there are still many business out there that have not made the switch. Some are in denial about the urgent need to upgrade. They believe that it is unreasonable to make a costly change if there system is still working in spite of all the warnings. Others are sticking with Windows XP because they need it to run business critical applications.
For those that need Windows XP to run critical programs you may have looked into alternate software or the cost to rewrite the program. These solutions are extremely costly! Custom software is expensive and the cost of training your employees to use new software is pricey and labor intensive. But thankfully there is another option—virtualization software.

Virtualization software allows you to run your programs as if you were using Windows XP. You will simply run your brand new operating system and then launch a virtual machine on your computer when you need to run the older software. It is the best of both worlds. Now you will have all the security benefits of a new operating system and the ability to continue running your business programs as usual.

There are several options for choosing virtualization software depending on the specific operating system that you are upgrading to. Our experts at Petronella Computer can help you decide which software is right for you. We can install everything you need and train you to use our simple solutions so you can stop worrying about migrating off XP and get back to running your business. Contact me for a free consultation, call (919) 422-2607 or go to