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Upgrading from Windows XP on older computers

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If you are one of the millions of users still running Windows XP, you will want to make a change before Microsoft ends all support for XP on April 8, 2014. At this time experts are predicting a huge surge of malware attacks targeting Windows XP users.

The first step in planning your process for migrating off Windows XP is to decide which new operating system you will choose. My previous blog post, Choosing A New Operating System, compares the most popular operating systems for small businesses. However it is important to note that Windows XP is a twelve year old operating system and many of the computers running XP will be unable to handle both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Microsoft has provided users with a Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant that you can download. This program will generate a compatibility report to determine if your hardware is compatible with the latest Windows operating system.

If your hardware is incompatible, you may want to consider just buying a new machine. Then you will simply copy the old files to the new computer. If you would like to keep your old machine, you may have the option to run a more lightweight operating system like Ubuntu. Be aware that some programs may be incompatible though. Our experts at Petronella Technology Group, Inc. can help you determine the better option in this circumstance.

If your hardware is compatible with Windows 8 and you decide to upgrade, then you will have to overwrite your hard drive with the new system. This will not preserve your personal files, settings, and programs. You will need to backup everything to an external drive first. You will then install the new operating system and have to reinstall all your programs. These programs may need to be updated to work. Keep in mind that Adobe programs and Microsoft programs may charge you for the updates.

Migrating off Windows XP is a necessary but overwhelming change for many small business owners. Here at Petronella Technology Group, Inc., we are experts at determining the most simple and cost effective solutions for upgrading from XP. Contact us for a free consultation, (919) 422-2607 or go to