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Choosing a new operation system

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As Windows XP support dies on April 8, 2014 all XP users will be incredibly vulnerable to malware and cyber-thieves. It is imperative that business make the transition off of XP to thwart attacks that could cost them considerable amounts of time and money to fix.

What are your options?

If you are still running Windows XP you may want to consider buying new hardware. This can be extremely costly but may be the best option. New hardware will certainly perform better than the machines you are currently using. It is important to note that many older machines will not be capable of running the newer operating systems and they will have to be replaced.

If you are happy with your current equipment, it will be cheaper to just upgrade to a newer operating system. Here I have broken down the pros and cons for the most popular alternatives to Windows XP

• Windows 8 and 8.1
Pros: This is the newest operating system to be released from Microsoft which means you will get the longest use out of it. There is a new user interface with large tiles that are customizable. This makes it easy to find your favorite applications faster. Extremely fast start up and shut down of the system. The operating system will work on touch-enabled devices.
Cons: The new user interface is confusing to most first time users. Windows 8 runs a lot of apps that are full screen programs that do not have the typical minimize, maximize, and close buttons. Although there are ways to make your Windows 8 system perform more like the old systems, training your employees will be inevitable.
• Windows 7
Pros: Windows 7 user interface is more like XP than Windows 8 is. Most of your employees have probably had experience on Windows 7 machines, which means you will not have to spend as much time training your employees.
Cons: Windows 7 while a vast improvement from XP is inferior to Windows 8 in performance.
Microsoft has stopped selling Windows 7 online, so unless you are buying a new computer from brands like Lenovo (as of this writing, you can customize your new computer with Windows 7) you will have to buy an unsupported copy online. Since Windows 7 is older than Windows 8 it will not get the same life out of your new software.
• Ubuntu (Linux)
Pros: Ubuntu is a free operating system. This could mean big savings for your corporation. The Linux system is praised for its security with built-in anti-virus software and password protected installations. Ubuntu is lightweight and performs well even on old computers.
Cons: The user interface is different from the other operating systems and will require training your employees. However, most people consider the system easy to use. The biggest concern is that some Windows specific programs may not run on Ubuntu. This includes some proprietary business solutions or key pieces of creative software, like Adobe’s Photoshop.

If you are planning to migrate off Windows XP call Petronella Technology Group, Inc. for a free consultation. We are experts at migrating businesses to new operating systems and can take out all the guesswork. Call us at (919) 422-2607 or go to