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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Dedicated Server

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Dedicated Server

A managed server hosting solution has the security, performance, flexibility, scalability, and control to serve as any business’s hosted IT infrastructure.

Let’s look at the top 5 benefits of signing up for a virtual dedicated server.

1. Enhanced Protection

A dedicated server hosting solution offers much better protection than a traditional multitenant hosting plan because businesses that use dedicated servers do not share server resources with any other business. Your hosting provider also protects your dedicated server from all kinds of cyber-attacks including spam, malware, viruses, etc.

2. Maximum Speed

The shared server plans offered by other hosting companies, because they provide too little IT resources to too many clients at the same time, tend to suffer from sluggish speeds and downtime. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, consistently provide clients with the best-possible performance and reliability, since they’re always able to rely upon a physical server’s full complement of IT resources.

3. Better Customized Options

Dedicated server hosting plans give you the freedom to fully modify your hosted server. You get to choose the features you prefer, and you can leave out (and, more importantly, not have to pay for) the features you don’t want. For instance, with a managed server hosting solution, some of the things that you can customize include the server’s operating system, the server’s data storage capacity, and the number of users that can access it at any given time.

4. Easy Expansion

To expand your hosted IT infrastructure, you won’t have to purchase separate hosted servers or go to the trouble or expense of integrating the old and new systems. Petronella CompleteCloud dedicated servers are fully-scalable; users and storage capacity can be added to them quickly and easily at any time.

5. Complete Control

You should consider switching your business over to a dedicated server because it can give you complete control over how your IT solutions are deployed and maintained.

Given these immense benefits, it is an excellent idea contact a Petronella CompleteCloud sales representative at or 1-877-468-2721 to sign up for a Petronella CompleteCloud Solution today!