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Hosted VoIP: Why It’s the Best Choice for Your Company

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With the rise of VoIP technology, many businesses are pursuing this advancement in communication for many reasons including, but not limited to, its cost effective nature and its quality and functionality over landlines. But with these new benefits come vulnerabilities as well. Many organizations are not prepared for the network exposures accompanied by VoIP telephony. A lack of familiarity with a new technology is one of the biggest issues companies are facing – and it can lead to breaches in security if not properly addressed.

Using hosted VoIP systems can significantly lessen the risks that are associated with IP telephony. By handing some of the control over to IT professionals who specialize in the cloud services being employed, overlooked holes in security have a much greater chance of being noticed and attended to. This allows businesses to focus their attention on the goals related to their jobs and company as a whole.

Just for the security benefits alone, hosted VoIP service is the most viable cloud communications solution. Also, turning to hosted VoIP providers puts some of the maintenance and security responsibilities into the hands of qualified, devoted professionals who specialize in areas that other departments might not. Equipment is often backed up by batteries, ensuring that lines of communication stay open via smartphones and tablets in the event of disaster or power outages. This kind of constant availability can also be beneficial for businesses interested in mobile workforces. Not only does the network stay up and running in the face of adversity, but it can also be accessed from anywhere there is a data connection. This is especially important to note for businesses that wish to arrange a virtual call center. Work can be completed and goals can be met without the limitations of physical offices.

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