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Comcast Business Customers Express Outrage Over Phone Outages

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Plenty of technology has been rendered obsolete by new products and/or services. Rotary phones, VCRs, cassette tapes and AOL, just to name a few. And while many individual consumers may consider landlines obsolete, that is not the case for millions of businesses both small, large and in between.

Service interruptions have been reported by business customer in cities all across the US (mostly small- to medium-sized businesses.). When a call is made, either outbound or inbound, the call is either not completed, or the caller hears a recorded message stating that the number is no longer in service. While Comcast has recognized that some customers might be dealing with service issues, they have not acknowledged the actual size or given a reason for the interruption.

When phone lines are down, some businesses merely lose profit, while others, such as veterinarian clinics and local police departments, find themselves in a much worse predicament.

Affected businesses are taking to social media to not only inform customers that it is business as usual, but to also express their dissatisfaction of Comcast to the public in general.

It is important to do research before choosing a telephone provider, and just because a company is bigger does not mean they are better. In fact, Petronella has fallover capabilities to prevent outages from happening. For more information and to get more business solutions, contact Petronella Technology Group today.