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How to Encrypt Your Facebook Notices

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We recently discussed the benefits of PGP encryption.  Now Facebook is allowing users to add a PGP key to their profile.

What will adding an OpenPGP key to your profile do for you?  It allows end-to-end encrypted notification emails, which means you can help make sure the information sent to you from Facebook won't be captured by hackers monitoring such things, and with the recent report about how much information gets stolen every year and used for fraud, you should take every precaution to make sure your data stays safe.

So how do you start making your Facebook account more secure?  First, you'll need PGP keys from OpenPGP.  Next:

  • Log into Facebook and click the Edit Profile link on the left side column of the page.
  • Click Contact and Basic Info.
  • About halfway down, click Add a Public Key.
  • Paste the info from OpenPGP and you're done.

This is currently an experimental feature for Facebook that you can only do from a desktop browser, but Facebook is looking into spreading it to mobile devices as well.