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Frightening Future of Ransomware

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In an attempt to predict what the next generation of ransomware will look like, researchers with Cisco’s Talos Labs have developed a sophisticated framework for the malware, and it’s frightening.

According to researchers, future ransomware will consist of multiple integrated modules. A Command and Control plugin will make use of a GUID to contact a C&C domain causing it to be harder to detect. The ransomware will attempt to go unnoticed by minimizing its CPU usage via a “rate limiter”.

By having multiple modules working in conjunction, if a system’s defenses are triggered the ransomware can then try another point of attack. This ability to adapt an attack means that criminals can move laterally through a network more easily to find important files and security defense precautions, such as system backups.

The researchers pointed out that business need to train their employees to be able to recognize social engineering attacks and phishing emails. Secondly, they need to develop robust backup and data recovery policies.

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