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Will Google's New Change Destroy Your Business?

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Google's latest algorithm change, due to go live tomorrow, April 21, could have a major impact on your site if it's not what they deem "mobile-friendly".

Roughly 60% of online traffic is done on mobile devices like phones and tablets these days, so Google wants to make sure that people using such devices have a good browsing experience, so Google want to make sure the websites they point you to in their search engine results work well on mobile devices.  In other words, if your site doesn't work well on mobile devices, it's going to tank in search engine ranking.

Here's an illustration.  Let's say you own a small bistro in a tourist destination.  Your site has been around for five years and it's ranking well, but you haven't updated it since it was first built.  A lot of people will Google something like "places to eat" while walking around your town and your site is always one of the top results, so you get a lot of business that way.

tarting tomorrow, because your site is out of date and it isn't mobile-friendly, its ranking it going to take a major hit and you'll no longer get all those tourists who are wandering around.  This is obviously a major issue and can have a big impact on your business's income.

Fortunately, Google has set up a website where you can test the mobile-friendliness of your website.  Check it out, and if your site fails, get in touch with us ASAP to mitigate the hit you're going to take.