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How Twitter Can Benefit Your Business

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Social media used to be the new and hip thing to do. Now, however, it has proven itself to be a creative and efficient way to market your business. Whether you’re looking to reach new customers/clients or keep excellent relations with current ones, Twitter is a real-time platform that allows you to do both. There are several strategies and promotional tactics your business can use in order to increase awareness:

Events: What better way to let everyone know about that special event your company is having than to tweet it out for the world to not only see, but also engage in? The special thing about Twitter is that it’s a technological conversation across the world. Not only can you tweet before the event to let everyone know when & where it’s happening, but you can also tweet during the event and after. This allows customers/clients to either decide they want to go because they’re reading about how much fun you’re having or at the very least stay in touch with what your company is doing, which helps keep that customer relation connection.

Product Launches: Does your company have a product you’re getting ready to launch? With Twitter, you can build excitement and get people talking about your product before it’s even out. You can start a countdown weeks ahead of time, give hints, and promote hashtags. You could even have contests wherein followers re-tweet your information to help spread the word.

Exclusive Deals: While anyone can join Twitter and follow any person, place, or thing they want, Twitter can still be used as an exclusive club you want someone to join. By having exclusive deals your customers/clients can’t find anywhere else, and that only your Twitter followers can benefit from, you not only peak interest, but also show your followers that their support is special to you and you want to reward them for it. And, the more intriguing the deal, the more likely your tweets will get favorited and/or re-tweeted, allowing others who may not be followers of your company to see and therefore decide to follow from then on.

With Twitter, your business can not only gain interest but also build loyalty. If you pay attention to which tweets generate the most interest, that is which messages are getting the most replies, re-tweets, favorites, ect, you can benefit from those conversations by modifying your messaging to align with what’s resonating with your followers.

Let Petronella Computer Consultants help your company get into the Twitter game. Whether your business needs to establish an account or already has an account but needs direction in how to operate it, Petronella wants to be there for you. Visit our page on internet marketing or give us a call at 919-355-5545 to speak with a specialist today.