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Google Panda 4.2

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Google's new search ranking algorithm, Panda 4.2, was released over the weekend.  What does that mean for your website?

While Google Panda 4.2 was released over the weekend, Google says it will be rolling it out slowly.  It was delayed a little due to technical difficulties, but now that it has begun taking effect, you may see changes in your search ranking and therefore your website traffic.  That said, it's only expected to affect 2-3% of English language searches.

The Panda Algorithm has been Google's attempt to give people using their search engine more relevant results by focusing on the quality of the content on a particular website.  In particular, Google wants to reward informative websites with original content.

If your site was penalized by Panda before, you probably won't see significant changes, but since it's being rolled out slowly, your changes, whether moving up or down, are likely to be spread out over time.