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Sync to Swim: Is Your Company Missing Out?

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Remember when your office was the only place you could get your work done? And access to your files and data were limited to your PC? Those days are certainly past us with the addition of smartphones and tablets, and most importantly, being able to sync. Now getting a file from your work laptop to your iPad is as simple as clicking “Save.”

How does sync work?

Every time you save a file on one device, it’s uploaded to an online server. This means the file is now somewhere other than your hard drive and connected to the internet, so you can access the file from any other device. You also don’t need to do anything to get the latest version. Each device repeatedly checks in with the server to see if there’s anything new and will download it automatically. Thus, sync makes keeping files up to date from device to device super easy.

Benefits for you and your company

Sync allows you to work wherever, whenever. You no longer need to go back into the office when you want to access your files and data. You just log onto any of your synced devices- laptop, iPad, etc. - and you’re able to view or make changes. Also, most sync solutions let you access your data through their websites, so you can even view from someone else’s computer. The true efficiency of sync is how it connects numerous people. Many sync solutions offer individuals the ability to share data, so several people have access to the same set files. The days of emailing files back and forth are over!

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