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Leftover Use-It-or-Lose-It Budget?

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The last week of the fiscal year sees federal agencies spending almost five times more than they do during a usual week throughout the year in order to take advantage of their use-it-or-lose-it budget.  If you're looking for a useful place to spend your remaining budget, we have some suggestions for you.

One word (well, one acronym for two words): IT.

It has been shown that an investment in IT can greatly benefit an organization.  Work can be done more quickly and more efficiently, whether it's from faster computers and networks or streamlined communication and collaboration.  What are some IT services that could benefit your company?

Cloud Computing

Your technology, software and applications are hosted by our team of experts, which means you can eliminate the cost of investing in new infrastructure, licensing new software and training new employees – saving you money and letting you focus on your business.  Read more here.

Data Recovery

Our data backup service combines planning, prevention and protection to make sure your mission-critical data is protected no matter what.  Read more here

Hardware as a Service

When you hire Hardware as a Service (HaaS), you stop making costly capital outlays, but you still have the technology you need, including the ongoing service and support that will keep your business humming right along.  Read more here.

Managed IT Services

Whether you’re looking to keep IT costs predictable, avoid unexpected downtime, communicate more effectively or make a plan for business continuity, Petronella Technology Group, Inc. has a solution for you.  Read more here.

Telephone Systems

Conventional phone systems are known for their expensive delays. VoIP puts all that in the past. There’s also no need to invest in phone hardware that will wear out or break in a few years, and the industry’s latest features, products, and technology will be at your fingertips.  Read more here.

All of this and more is available through Petronella Technology Group.  You've got budget you need to use, so let us show you how to put it to good use to help your agency or organization.  Contact us here or call 919-355-5545.