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Database Deleted

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If you’re a user of the popular diagram and flow chart app, Gliffy, you are probably already painfully aware that a member of their team deleted their entire production database by accident.

A Gliffy employee discovered an issue with one of their backup systems, so they put in a request for some routine maintenance to resolve it. Unfortunately, in the process of fixing that issue the administrator deleted the wrong database and consequently all their users’ data and charts.

The good news for anyone who uses Gliffy is that they update their backups daily and they are working to retrieve the lost information. However, due to the size of the database, this could take days to accomplish.

In the meantime, Gliffy is trying several other tactics in order to get up and running again, but since it’s entirely cloud based, users have been unable to access their charts since March 21. Though accidents like this occur, the scope and scale is unfortunate for both Gliffy and its users.

Let this serve as a reminder of the importance of keeping regular backups.  It's also a good time to remember to always be alert when doing any kind of server maintenance.