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Windows Server 2003 Support Ending

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If you're running Windows Server 2003, you need to be aware that Windows is dropping support for it as of July 14, 2015.  Once support ends, there will be no more patches or security updates.  What does this mean for you?

Hackers, cybercriminals and other techie ne'er-do-wells are always coming up with new ways to compromise computer systems for any number of reasons, and they are constantly probing for new ways to do what it is they do.  As a result, companies like Microsoft are constantly updating their software to combat flaws hackers have found or might find and exploit.

Microsoft Server 2003 still powers around 12 million servers around the world, but it's been around for 13 years and all things tech have their own lifecycle.  Windows Server 2003's lifecycle is just coming to an end.  The servers will still work and function, but with no additional patches or updates coming out, it will become increasingly vulnerable to malware and viruses.

If your business is running Windows Server 2003 and you care about the security of your server, it is definitely time to update.  Contact Petronella Technology Group as soon as you can to make sure your server stays safe.