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Don't Think of IT Support As a Cost

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Many businesses look at their information technology expenditures as a cost, but having the right IT provider can actually increase revenue.

Most mid-sized to large businesses require a great deal of technology in their day-to-day operations.  When relying on computers, networks, websites and other technology, you need to make sure that it is all available to employees or customers/clients, you need to make sure it performs well and you need to make sure it is secure, as all the stories of network hacks and compromised data in the last year have shown.

Because of how much businesses reply on IT, those in charge of a business's finances need to change the paradigm through which they view information technology costs.  It is not a drain on the green line, to be made as least expensive and minimal as possible.  It is an investment to better the company, to make it faster, more efficient and secure.  It's just not as easy to measure the exact monetary benefit of the money spent on IT.

A reliable computer and network system might be the easiest way to look at this.  If everything is running smoothly, you don't think about it, but let's say your company loses the estimated average of over $5000 per minute when a system goes down.  If your system is down for just one hour, that's $300,000 your company may have lost in sales, potential sales and productivity.

What makes a reliable system?  There are the computer aspects of it, like performance, security and uptime.  There are the human components, like on-call IT professionals.  If some sort of malware or hack is detected, you've got people who can work to figure out where it came form, how to remove it and make your system more secure.

Looking at it more broadly, think about this: information technology accounts for the systems your employees use to interact with customers from the phones to the computers to the interconnected network to the website.  As such, having a reliable system in place guarantees better customer experience, which positively impacts your brand and customer loyalty, which in turn generates more profit.

The lesson is this: don't cut corners when it comes to your company's IT budget.  Making sure you have an adequate IT infrastructure, from the hardware to the people, is not throwing money away; it's an investment in the well-being of the company.