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World Leaders' Personal Info Leaked

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Would you like the personal information of Barack Obama?  How about Vladimir Putin? Xi Jinping? David Cameron or Angela Merkel Perhaps?

Australia's Department of Immigration accidentally leaked the names, birth dates, nationalities, passport numbers, positions, titles, visa grant numbers, and the visa subclasses of 31 world leaders who attended the G20 Leaders' Summit in Brisbane back in November.

How did this happen?  It was an email autofill error.  Have you ever started typing a name in your email program and selected the wrong name that popped up?  Sending an email to the wrong recipient is not an uncommon thing for most people, but most people aren't sending the information of the leaders of the world via email.

The recipient of the email, an organizer for a soccer tournament, immediately responded to the sender and informed them that they had sent it to the wrong person and informed them that they had deleted the email and not copied it, backed it up or forwarded it to anyone else.

While most of the information that was leaked is easily found with a quick Google search, the incident is an embarrassment to the Australian government, which just passed a controversial law requiring telecoms and ISPs to store metadata for two years.  Australian law does not, however, require anyone to be notified of data breaches, which is why this story is just now emerging.