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White Lodging Services Breached Again

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It happened in February and it's happened again. White Lodging Services has been hacked.

What makes matters worse is that it appears to be pretty much the same as the last one. Hackers stole credit card credentials from compromised registers at food and beverage places within hotels in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Texas.  White Lodging, however, maintains that while it looks the same, this is a completely separate breach.

Dave Sibley, president and CEO, Hospitality Management said the following:

"After suffering a malware incident in 2014, we took various actions to prevent a recurrence, including engaging a third party security firm to provide security technology and managed services. These security measures were unable to stop the current malware occurrence on point of sale systems at food and beverage outlets in 10 hotels that we manage.  We continue to remain committed to investing in the measures necessary to protect the personal information entrusted to us by our valuable guests.  We deeply regret and apologize for this situation.”

We hope this is true, because if White Lodging Services didn't take proper and necessary steps following the last data breach, this looks really bad.

As with most companies whose customer information has been stolen, White Lodging is offering a year of credit protection for impacted customers.