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What Criminals Learned from Hacking Team

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Files stolen from the Italian spyware maker Hacking Team that were leaked to the Internet have given hackers new techniques for taking over your computer.

In particular, a previously unknown zero day vulnerability in Adobe Flash was found by researchers who were pouring over the 400 gigabytes of released information.  This vulnerability was exploited by Hacking Team to install spyware on targeted computers.

It's been reported that cybercriminals are already using the vulnerability in exploit kits to spread ransomware. Exploit kits are software packages sold on the internet black market that make it easy for just about anyone to become a hacker.

Ransomware, if you haven't read about it on here yet, is a particularly malicious kind of malware that locks a person's computer up and displays a message, telling the person they have a certain amount of time to pay money to get control of their computer and files back.  The cost usually goes up after a specified amount of time.

Adobe has already released a patch to fix the issue, so it's advised that you update Adobe Flash as soon as possible.