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What China Knows About Our Intelligence Personnel

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It was recently discovered that China hacked the United States Office of Personnel Management.  One of the most damaging things they did was to gain information in a database with answers from Standard Form 86, a 127 page questionnaire filled out by anyone applying to a government job requiring security clearance.

The form is extensive and asks applicants pretty much everything you could ask a person.  The information includes where applicants were born, their schooling, their work history, who their close friends and family are, their marital history.  It goes further.  You have to list your travel history, people you've been in contact with overseas, your work history, your level of technical sophistication, any run-ins with the law, any drug use, whether you've had any problems with any substances before.  There's even a checkbox where you can identify yourself as a terrorist or say whether you've ever plotted to overthrow the US government. 

There's very little someone reading this form wouldn't know, meaning that China now knows pretty much everything about all the people who work in US intelligence and security agencies.  They know intimately know our spies.

The worst part of this is that it isn't something like a stolen credit card where you can just cancel it and get a new one.  The United States has been seriously embarrassed by the Chinese in this matter and major steps need t o be taken to make sure that such sensitive information is kept safe from foreign entities.