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Were You a Victim of the Target Hack?

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Were you one of the 110 million victims of the Target security breach in 2013? If so, you could be eligible for up to $10,000 in compensation, as they seem ready to settle on a $10 million dollar fund for those clients who were negatively impacted by the hackers in November and December of 2013. Target agreed to these terms on March 9, and is now just awaiting approval by a Federal judge.

Hackers stole such private information as names, account numbers and expiration dates, PIN numbers and CVCs - the 3 digit codes on the back of the cards.

If you are a victim, you will receive a questionnaire to prove that you were affected. It will ask you if you feel like your personal information was compromised, or if you received any security breach notices from Target. If there is no substantial proof of harm then compensation is unlikely. You must be able to prove, with documentation, that at least one of the following occurred:

  • There were unauthorized, unreimbursed charges on your credit or debit card
  • Time was spent addressing those charges
  • You paid fees in order to hire someone to correct their credit report
  • You now have higher interest rates or fees on the accounts
  • You incurred credit-related costs
  • There were costs to replace your identification, Social Security number or phone number

It has been quite a debacle for Target and according to their spokesperson, Molly Snyder; they are looking forward to a resolution so they can move forward from this.