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#TurnItOn: Be More Secure with 100+ Websites

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If you're like most people, you've got the same password for most of your accounts.  When hackers get your password, they could access all those other accounts.  Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, could help put an end to that.

To that end, Telesign has launched a campaign to raise awareness of this security, which is available on many websites and apps and to get people to actually take advantage of it with a guide for implementing 2FA on over 100 websites.

The reason 2FA is so much better than just using a password is because it requires access that hackers can't have.  For example, some 2FA methods send a text with a special random code to set up access to a site.  It can help mitigate the damage of increasingly common cyberattacks.

Research shows that the general public is not very up on password security.  70% are not very confident in the strength and security of their passwords.  21% have been using the same passwords for a decade or more.  61% don't know what two factor authentication is.

If you haven't started doing 2FA where it's available, head over to the Turn It On website to learn more and get help with enabling it on as many websites as you can.