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Trump Hotels and Chip Cards

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The Trump Hotel Collection has confirmed that their credit card systems have been compromised and their customers' credit card information stolen.  Would chip cards have helped mitigate the damage?

The Trump Hotel Collection, owned by leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, has acknowledged a hack we reported on a while back.  They said that credit and debit cards used at their hotels between May 19 of last year and June 2 of this year were stolen.  They suspect that malware was used to get credit card numbers, expiration dates and security codes.  The Trump hotels that were hit include Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas, Trump International Chicago, Trump International New York, Trump International Toronto, Trump International Waikiki, Trump National Doral and Trump SoHo New York.  Point of sale terminals in shops or restaurants in the Vegas and Waikiki are suspected of also possibly being compromised.

Hotels seem to be a popular target of hackers lately.  Other hotels that have been hacked include Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, and White Lodging Hotels.

Chip card technology may help curb a lot of the fraud resulting in card theft.  Currently, information from a magnetic strip card can be encoded onto counterfeit cards which can then be used to buy items in stores.  Chip cards are not vulnerable to this kind of use, so it's thought that hackers are going into overdrive using this exploitable system while they can.  As of October 1, American merchants who do not use chip card readers are to be held responsible for fraud from stolen cards.  Not everyone has made the switch yet, and banks have been slow to roll out chip cards, but it will undoubtedly spread more as time goes on.

Cyberthieves are getting while the getting is good.