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Tips for Keeping Healthcare Records Safe

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We recently wrote about a huge increase in hackers targeting healthcare information and why they do it.  With over 111 million victims, about a third of Americans have had their information stolen and don't even know it.  So what can you do to try to keep your healthcare information safe?

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords

We constantly go on about this one, but you really need to make sure you use secure passwords.  Here's a list of the most popular passwords of last year, so don't use any of those.  The basics are:

  • Don't use a bunch of sequential keyboard keys.
  • Make sure to use numbers, capital and lowercase letters and try to mix in some non-alphanumerics.
  • Don't use common words.
  • Have different passwords for different accounts.

Different Email Accounts

Use different email accounts for banking and shopping.  If you want to be really secure, use a different email address for personal matters as well.  Keeping all your hats on separate hangers will make it harder for hackers to access other accounts in the event that one is compromised.

Don't Give Out Your Social

If a doctor's office asks for your Social Security Number, or even the last four digits, ask if you can give them some other information in lieu of that.  As badly as hackers have hit the healthcare industry lately, there's no need to put something like that out there for them to find then use somewhere else.  The reason healthcare information sells for up to twenty times as much as other forms of identity theft is because healthcare records contain a huge wealth of information.  Keeping your SSN out of it can help mitigate the damage someone buying your identity can do to you.