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Think You're Safe from Identity Theft? So Did Everybody Else.

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Have you ever been shopping? Have you ever been to a doctor's office? Do you have a credit report and/or a cell phone? Know anybody who has even considered cheating on their spouse?

If you answered “Yes” to even of the questions above, then are you are at serious risk of becoming the next victim of identity theft.

If you are alarmed, then good, you should be.

As technology advances, so do the means by which hackers hack. Below is a compilation of the largest breaches in the United States between 2014 and 2015.

Please note: The U.S. Population in 2014 was estimated to be 318.9 million. The total number of accounts and/or profiles hacked over the last two years is approximately 560 million.


What was the biggest hacker trend of 2015? Stealing medical data from healthcare providers and invading the privacy of more than 110 million patients.

  • January 2015 Premera Blue Cross – 11M customers compromised
  • February 2015 Anthem – 80M customers, both past and present
  • May 2015 CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield – 1.1M MD, DC and VA patients breached
  • July 2015 UCLA Health System – 4.5M clients had been exposed
  • September 2015 Excellus BlueCross BlueShield – 10 Million affected

Ashley Madison

This website, that married people used to cheat on their spouses, was hacked in August 2015 and exposed 32 million cheaters.

The U.S. Government

Has the U.S. Government conducted a background check on you? If so, you could be one of the 21.5 million whose security was compromised after a high-level breach in June of 2015 that was so extensive, the U.S. Government had to actually call back a number of international spies.


Entertainment giant, Sony, was hacked in the Summer of 2015. Sensitive company data was posted online, including emails and details of upcoming films. Not only was the Seth Rogan/James Franco movie “The Interview” postponed, but it also led to the resignation of a top Sony executive, Amy Pascal.

Home Depot

The home improvement giant's system was hacked in September 2015, exposing 56 million payment cards.

JP Morgan

One of the largest financial institutions, JP Morgan revealed in September 2015 that cyber thieves compromised the security of over 83 million individual and small business customers.


In May of 2014, EBay had an huge client base with nearly 145 million active profiles, all of whom were put at risk when personal information (such as their home addresses, usernames and passwords) were nabbed.


The personal and financial information of more than 110 million Target customers was stolen in December 2013, making this the largest single breach on the list. On March 19, 2015 Target settled the issue after agreeing to pay the victims a total of $10M in damages.