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Security Assessments- Critical for your Thriving Business

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The internet is full of new and exciting prospects; however, it is also filled with new threats and impediments. It is essential for businesses to understand what the specific risks are that their company faces from being connected to the internet. Businesses should spend valuable time, money, and human resources on tackling the specific problems that are most likely to cause the most damage. It could contribute to the success of your business in the long run.

It is estimated that up to 80% of security breaches could be prevented by applying basic good practices in cyber security. Your security policies are your building blocks. Without instituted policies, there’s no instruction to determine the degree of risk. We all know technology is constantly changing and with continued change, software weaknesses are discovered. A yearly security assessment by an objective third party is needed to ensure that security guidelines are followed.

Performing an IT security risk assessment should be an important part of your IT security precautions. It helps you understand and measure the risks to IT in your business and the possible outcomes each could have. You can use your IT security risk assessment to decide what IT security precautions to take to protect your business from the biggest risks. It is vital to balance the costs of security with the level of danger- that’s why your IT security risks assessment is important.

The main tactic to preforming a security assessment is to gather data from the organization, research security suggestions and warnings for the platform, test to verify exposure and write a risk analysis report. The goal of a security assessment is to ensure that needed security controls are integrated into the design and application of a project or technology. An accurately completed security assessment should provide documentation outlining any security gaps that exist in an infrastructure and the accompanying risks for those gaps. With that knowledge, a business can choose to mitigate, transfer, avoid, or accept the risk.

With Petronella Computer Consultants, our free security assessment methodology includes requirement study and situation analysis, document review, risk identification, vulnerability scan, data analysis, and report and briefing. On conclusion of the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive security report. We understand that protecting the security of your business is dire and will ensure that proper security controls are assimilated into your technology environment.

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