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Scottrade Hacked

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4.6 million Scottrade users have just been made aware that their contact information and possibly their Social Security numbers have been stolen by hackers.

Scottrade said they were made aware of the security breach by the FBI and that it took place a few months between 2013 and 2014.  While SSNs were possibly compromised, the contact information seems to have been the main focus of the attack.  There has been a noted spike in stock scam email spam sent o Scottrade users.  Scottrade is offering a year of credit monitoring services to affected customers, even though they are pretty sure the Social Security numbers were not stolen.

The case looks a bit similar to ones filed against several people in July related to a 2014 security breach with JPMorgan Chase.  In that one, the contact information of 80 million customers was stolen.  The group is suspected of using that information to hike the price of penny stocks.