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Russian Hackers Posed as ISIS

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France's TV5Monde television station was recently hacked.  At the time, the attack was blamed on the ISIS Cyber Caliphate, but now Russian hackers are thought to be behind the attack.

The television network was attacked two days ago.  The transmission was shut down for 18 hours and the Facebook and Twitter accounts were showing pro-ISIS propaganda.  Despite the messages, security professionals who have examined the attack say evidence points to a Russian hacker group called AT28.  The Cyber Caliphate website is on the same IP block as APT28's infrastructure and the attack used the same server and domain registrar as that which APT28 has used before.

APT28, which has also been known as Fancy Bear, Pawn Storm, Sednit and Tsar Team, has been aggressively hacking into networks around the world.  They're thought to be sponsored by the Russian government.