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Romanian Hacker Accessed Clinton's Email Server?

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According to Marcel Lehel Lazar, the Romanian hacker that goes by the handle Guccifer, he was able to hack his way into Hillary Clinton’s much maligned private email server. Lazar, who originally made public Clinton’s personal email address after hacking it, claims the server was completely unsecured and that he had access to hundreds of folders.

This news comes came to light through interviews Lazar has given from a Bucharest prison where he awaits extradition to the United States on charges stemming from his hacking of officials including General Colin Powell, a former Clinton advisor, and a member of the Bush family.

Lazar could provide no evidence for his claims and while he has previously released stolen documents as proof of his other hacks, he did not in the case of Clinton’s email server. According to the FBI’s review of the server logs, there appear to be no signs of hacking.

According to Clinton’s press secretary, Lazar’s claims are without merit and the descriptions of the server and its contents are inaccurate.