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Ransomware, Now Available on Your Mac, Too!

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A security firm, Palo Alto Networks, is confirming reports of hackers finally finding a way to install ransomware on Macs in order to take over computers and extort money from users. While ransomware has been affecting Windows users for years, this is the first example of it attacking OS X devices.

For those who downloaded the open-source torrenting client, Transmission, the program lies dormant on an infected hard drive for three days after which it becomes active and begins searching the internet and sealing vulnerable files. Once it does so, a demand is sent to force the owner to send money to an unknown hacker group.

Though this particular threat may affect a limited number of torrent users, it’s not surprising ransomware is now affecting Macs as it is becoming a popular tool for cyber criminals. On average, there are 12,000 victims a week whose files are held hostage at an average cost of $300-$800 per computer the malware is installed on.

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