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Popular Point-of-Sale Vendor Breached

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NEXTEP Systems provides point-of-sales for food services including airports, cafeterias, casinos, restaurants and more, and it's recently been discovered that some of their  point-of-sale systems have been hacked.

A pattern of credit card fraud was traced back to Zoup, a soup restaurant chain.  Zoup's CEO referred inquires to NEXTEP.  NEXTEP confirmed that they recently found a security issue in their POS systems.  NEXTEP said in a statement that they are investigating the issue and are cooperating with law enforcement.

A POS breach at one chain can lead to more breaches being discovered, as the same issues are generally in all the software or hardware of POS systems a company supplies to their customers.  These security breaches allow hackers to steal credit card information, which can then be resold to thieves who can encode the information on fake credit cards.