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Planned Parenthood Attacked Again

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Planned Parenthood was recently attacked by a hacktivist group called 3301.  A second attack has come today in the form of a DDoS attack.

A DDoS, or distributed denial of service attack, is one wherein a website is flooded with traffic to overload the servers and shut the website down for legitimate visitors.  The website is back under control, although the usual website is going to be kept offline for the rest of the day.  Planned Parenthood said they are staying down to make sure they "are fully protected".

While previously someone claiming to speak on behalf of 3301 said they were probably done with Planned Parenthood and intended to move on to other social injustices, they have also threatened to release internal Planned Parenthood emails.

The Planned Parenthood website usually serves around 200,000 people every day.  As the website currently says:

Our site is not available due to an attack by extremists.

200,000 people a day are now being blocked from information and care by this attack. For more information about the attack, please visit Planned Parenthood Action Fund's Facebook page.