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OPM Victims Still Not Notified

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Remember the OPM hack, where Chinese hackers stole a shocking amount of personal data about over 21 million people?  Over a million of the victims still haven't been notified.

The US Postal Service just finished sending over 21.5 million notifications to victims recently and should be received sometime this week.  The problem is that about one and a half million of the hack victims have either moved or don't have an address on file.  OPM plans to send notices to changed addresses and plan a media campaign to let people know they can check online to see if they were victims of the massive breach.

Some have suggested sending emails, but that was done with another hack and people thought the notification was a scam.  People who should be wary about stolen personal information probably shouldn't be encouraged to click on official-looking emails with links anyway.  One of the top five rules for not getting hacked is to not click links on emails you're not 100% sure about.

The US government has awarded a $1.8 million contract to a firm to help contact all the victims of the OPM hack.  Another $130 million was spent to purchase three years of identity theft insurance for the victims, so on top of the attack being an embarrassment for US cybersecurity, it's also been monetarily costly.