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OPM Notifications Begin

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The federal government finally got around to starting to notify the 21.5 million people whose information was stolen during the hack at the Office of Personnel Management last week.

OPM Director Beth Cobert had this to say in statement:

Yesterday, we began mailing notification letters to the individuals whose personal information was stolen in a malicious cyber intrusion carried out against the federal government. Impacted individuals will be notified by OPM via U.S. Postal Service mail. Email will not be used.

Identity theft and credit monitoring services will be offered to all of the victims, which include current and former federal workers, prospective workers contractors and people who filed for security clearance.

It was also recently released that 5.6 million fingerprints were stolen.  OPM said they have been looking into how that information could be exploited, which is part of the reason it has taken OPM to contact affected people.  Spokesman Samuel Schumach added that the sheer number of victims and the desire to make sure they get things right has also added to the time it has taken to send notices.