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OPM Breach Worse Than First Thought

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The initial report said that China had stolen the information of 4.2 million federal employees in the OPM hack.  Turns out it's worse than that.  Almost four-and-a-half times worse.

In a closed-door briefing, FBI Director James Comey disclosed that the number was actually closer to 18 million, and possibly higher.  The problem comes in the fact that not only did the hack compromise the information of all federal employees, they also got the information of people who had applied to federal jobs, even if they weren't hired.

On top of that, the hackers behind the OPM breach also hacked KeyPoint Government Solutions, a company contracted by the Office of Personnel Management.  It's believed that some of the credentials from the KeyPoint hack were used in gaining access to the OPM data.

Frustration is mounting over the embarrassing data breach.  A House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee was told last week by OPM auditors that some of the OPM's more sensitive databases didn't meet federal cybersecurity standards.  These include databases with national security information, employee applications and background checks.  In total, almost a quarter of OPM's systems didn't have a valid authorization.