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North Korea Hacked South Korean Government

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Authorities in South Korean are on alert after hackers in North Korea hacked their way into 140,000 computers in at least 160 South Korean government agencies and injected malware into their systems. This comes on the heels of North Korea successfully testing a miniature hydrogen bomb in January and a long-range rocket a month later.

The hack was discovered after the perpetrators stole information from two companies, SK Holdings and the Hanjin Group. Despite being discovered in February, the attack had been going on since at least 2014.

Of the 42,000 documents stolen over 40,000 of them were related to national defense. Among them were the blueprints for the wings of F-15 fighter jets.

An official with the South Korean defense ministry is claiming that there was no security breach and that the documents that were stolen were not classified. SK Holdings, on the other hand, are saying that there are four affiliates that have been the victim of a cyber-attack.

The attack, whose purpose was to target network management software used by government agencies and over 160 companies across South Korea, has been traced back to an IP address in North Korea. This same IP was the same one used in a 2013 attack on South Korean banks and TV broadcasters.