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No More Passwords?

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Stolen passwords are a leading cause of compromised information.  Can you imagine a day when you'll no longer need a password to access everything?

Smartphones are already using fingerprint recognition technology for things like unlocking your phone.  Could that and other biometrics be the future of more secure technology usage?  

It makes sense.  Right now, passwords are the most widespread way of accessing accounts of all kinds.  Everything from logging onto your computer to accessing your bank account to making purchasing everything from apps to physical goods can be done with your password.  Network admins also use passwords, and compromised passwords lead to huge data compromises.

Tech companies have new partners in wanting to get rid of the predominance of passwords, and they are governments.  The United States and the United Kingdom have joined the FIDO Alliance, an organization looking to make authentication stronger, easier and more secure.

Don't be surprised if your kids or grandkids are as familiar with passwords as today's kids are with pay phones.