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Microsoft Fixes Problem from 2010... Maybe for Real This Time.

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Microsoft's update this week included a patch for a security issue dating back to 2010, a security hole that was exploited by Stuxnet, which was originally used by the US and Israel to help cripple Iran's nuclear research.  It was recently discovered that the 2010 patch didn't quite do the job, so hopefully it's been fixed for really real this time.

Additional patches in this update address Superfish and Freak, which are big security vulnerabilities we've recently discussed.

In all, close to 50 vulnerabilities were fixed in this round of updates, which addressed concerns in the Windows operating system, the Internet Explorer web browser and popular email tools Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange, as well as other programs, applications and the like.

Windows and Adobe usually release updates on what's known as Patch Tuesdays, but Adobe did not roll out any updates today.