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Microsoft and Adobe Spring Cleaning

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Microsoft and Adobe simultaneously decided it was time for some spring cleaning today, as the two companies both released patch bundles in order to address certain security issues in their software. Microsoft’s 13 patch bundles will fix over 40 problems in Windows and other Windows programs, including Internet Explorer. Adobe’s update will repair problems with Flash, Air, Reader, and Acrobat.

Out of the 13 Microsoft patches, three were considered critical due to over 30 flaws that allowed access into exposed systems without any user interaction. Most of these patches are part of an Internet Explorer update, but some will help fix problems with .NET, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, and Silverlight. Hopefully these patches will create a safer environment for Microsoft and Internet Explorer users everywhere.

Adobe’s patches are also pertaining to security holes in programs such as Flash Player and AIR. For Windows and Mac users, the latest version is v. If your Adobe software was originally downloaded and installed via Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, it should update automatically. If not, don’t fear, Adobe’s website has all the newest updates available for download. As always, be sure to uncheck the pre-checked boxes for security add-ons if you don’t want them. As of now, Adobe’s newest updates have no active exploits that the company is aware of.