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Massive US Hack by China

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Four million federal employees have had their personal data stolen by hackers, and the US believes China is behind the hack.

The cyberattack is the largest computer hack ever committed against the United States government.  Officials admit that every federal agency was affected by the attack, though it was initially thought that it was only against the Department of Interior and the Office of Personnel Management.  It did not, however, hit employees of the judicial or legislative branches of the government and it did not affect uniformed military personnel.  

The hack was discovered when the federal personnel office started upping their cybersecurity.  Computer security experts used a detection system called EINSTEIN once they discovered the breach to discover more about the activity.

Chinese military hackers are suspected of compiling an enormous database of personal data of American citizens and this attack is said to have come from China.

For its part, China initially didn't confirm or deny the accusation, but deflected by saying that they have also been subject to recent cyberattacks, although yesterday the Chinese Embassy did deny it and called America's accusations irresponsible and counterproductive.

The government suggests that any possibly affected people should monitor their bank and credit card statements and to assume their credit cards have been compromised.