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Massive Breach on mSpy

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Hundreds of gigabytes of data were recently stolen from the servers of a company known as mSpy, the producer of a software that allows users to spy on others’ use of technology, specifically their children and spouses. This massive collection of data regarding emails, texts, and information regarding payment and location was then placed on the Deep Web. This leak places any user of mSpy at risk, and the company itself has nothing to say thus far.

mSpy has ignored any request for a comment in the past week, and the location of the company is unknown. Its website states that there are offices in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, but no official address is listed anywhere. However, court documents from a previous lawsuit mSpy was involved with list the company’s address as 800 West El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA. This lawsuit was a trademark dispute case filed by Retina-X Studios, a competitor of mSpy’s that has a product known as MobileSpy.

As for the leak itself, the alert came from an anonymous source through a technology called Tor that allows users to hide their internet address as well as host websites that are challenging to take down. The Tor site created contains a huge amount of data stolen from mSpy mobile users. The data consists of things like passwords, Apple Id’s, tracking data, payment information, photos, videos, emails, agendas, and conversations. While it is unconfirmed exactly how many mSpy users have been exposed, it is clear that this is a very bad thing for the company and all of its clients.

In March 2015, a PR pitch from mSpy stated that around 40 percent of the company’s clients are parents who want to keep a watchful eye on their children’s use of technology. While this is considered fair reasoning for use of the software by many, it seems to have turned sour with the happenings of late.