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The Latest in ATM Skimming

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Skimmers, hidden cameras and keyboard overlays set to capture credit card information are old news now.  Credit card thieves are moving their methods away from the machine itself.

The latest in ATM skimmers involves using skimmers attached to network cables or phone lines coming out of ATMs to catch credit card information.  The device might look like a box that has the ATM's communication line plugged into it.  In instances that have been reported so far. one used a hidden camera to capture the PIN and another used a skimmer on card slot to send information to the skimmer box.

As ATM thieves are using more sophisticated methods and technology to steal information, ATM manufacturers need to be aware of every point of data transfer.  Particular to this new method of hooking up skimmer boxes to network cables, ATM companies should make sure such cables are not accessible to the public.  Freestanding ATMs are more prone to this kind of attack, since thieves can't access cables that are built into a wall.

If you see anything suspicious about an ATM, trust your gut and don't use it.