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Latest Hack Victims are JP Morgan and Jimmy Johns

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You can't go a week lately without hearing about a major cyberthreat lately.  Recently it was Bash or Heartbleed, a few weeks ago it was reported that Russian Hackers collected 1.2 billion usernames and passwords and before that it was UPS and Target.  New to the list: Jimmy John's and JP Morgan Chase.

At the end of September, the Jimmy John's sandwich chain reported that credit card data had been stolen from 216 of its shops between June 16 and September 15.  Hackers were able to retrieve credit card numbers, expiration dates, names and verification codes.  Jimmy John's has since installed encrypted credit card swipe machines and have offered identity protection for customers whose information was compromised.

JP Morgan announced that hackers were able to retrieve the contact information of 76 million household and 7 million small businesses.  The information, they say, contained addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and private notes on the accounts.  They maintain, however, that no account information was compromised.  This includes account numbers, user login information, birth dates and Social Security numbers.  In response, JP Morgan has announced that they will use over 1000 people and a $250 million annual budget to increase their cyber security

With all the hacks and security compromises that have gone on over the past few months, it's increasingly important that businesses protect themselves from cyber attacks.  As a consumer, you should urge all businesses to make sure they are up to date with their cyber security efforts.  If you are a business owner, we can inspect your networks and other computerized systems to make sure you are not putting your customers' information at risk.  Click here for more information on network security or contact us today.