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Kmart Hacked

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In what seems to have become a weekly occurrence, another major retailer has discovered and reported that they were recently hacked.

Kmart announced that its IT team discovered that their store payment system had been infected with malware designed to steal confidential information since September.  According to the statement released on their website, debit and credit card numbers were compromised, but no personal information, debit card PIN numbers, email addresses or Social Security numbers were taken.  The attacks were limited to the stores, so online shoppers are believed to be safe.

Kmart reported that the malware was removed and are offering free credit monitoring to customers whose credit card information was obtained.  If you believe you may be a victim of this attack, Kmart directs customers to call 888-488-5978.

If you are a retailer or any company who processes credit card transactions, give us a call at 919-355-5545 and schedule a network security assessment.  With the frequency in which these attacks are taking place, you can't afford not to.