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iPhone Text Scam

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Hackers have developed a new trick in order to steal the person information of iPhones users via text message. The texts purport to be from Apple and are informing victims that their Apple ID has expired. The only way for them to rectify the situation is to go to an Apple affiliated website to reactivate it.

Obviously the websites that users are being sent to aren’t actually controlled by Apple and typically they have addresses like “” or “”. Once the hackers have directed a victim to a site they control, they then ask for personal information including name, address, and passport information.

In response to this wave of attacks on its users, Apple has said it typically doesn’t delete Apple IDs and is reminding people that they should never turn over personal, account, or credit card information to someone who requests it via text or email unless you are able to verify that person or organization’s identity.

Any individual or organization that uses iPhones for communication should be especially wary as they are under greater risk and any opening criminals get to take advantage of their defenses will likely be exploited.