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Hacking Team Rolls Along

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A lot of information recently came to light about Hacking Team, an Italian company that sells spyware to governments.  That information was revealed when 400 gigabytes of information hacked form the company was uploaded to torrent websites, and yet Hacking Team has lost nary a customer, nor have they fired anyone responsible for negligence leading to the massive hack.

There has, however, been some embarrassment.  Aside from the obvious embarrassment of a company selling international spyware being hacked themselves, a Senior System and Security Engineer had stolen from his work desktop that contained links to pornographic websites and the login information for his Gmail and Twitter accounts.

One knock against Hacking Team that has come to light is that they have sold their spyware to Sudan, which has an abysmal human rights record and is already subject to a United Nations arms embargo., travel ban and asset freeze.  A spokesman for Hacking Team says that Sudan hasn't been a customer since 2012 and that the company is more careful about with whom they deal, but Sudan is known to have used the software as recently as 2014.  Hacking Team has even continued to provide other services to Sudan, including training.

Hacking Team has also been accused to selling its spyware to companies, but maintained that they provide other services that businesses can take advantage of.  Higher-ups hold a veto power in case a sale is considered unwise, though they wouldn't say how many times or with whom such power had been employed.

The hack that led to the leak of all this information is said to have been a sophisticated one, not the work of a lone hacker.