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Hackers versus Planned Parenthood

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Abortion is a very touchy and divisive subject.  One hacktivist group, 3301, has decided to take a stand against Planned Parenthood, an organization that, among other things, provides abortions.

Workers at abortion clinics are often targeted by anti-abortion groups.  Clinic workers have even been killed, and as such, it's not uncommon for workers to hide what they do for a living, take different routes to work and even wear bulletproof vests.

Hacktivist group 3301 has claimed responsibility for a hack on Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood admitted to a data breach yesterday.  3301 was able to hack an old portion of the content management system used by Planned Parenthood and have since published over 300 names and email addresses of people associated with Planned Parenthood.  The big concern, obviously, is that some people could take this information and harass the people on the list, or worse.  Not since 2009 has an abortion provider been murdered, but other activities, such as stalking, harassment and blockading have increased.

3301 claims to have more information, such as lists of women who have had abortion and the CEO's Social Security number.  They don't plan to release that information for the time being and they say they won't release the information of women who sought abortions, only the workers.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, has said that acts against their workers not only discourage women from seeking abortions, but also prevent women from seeking help for a number of other services they provide, including breast and cervical cancer screenings.

A person speaking on behalf of 3301 said they they are likely done with Planned Parenthood and will be moving on to other targets.