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Hackers Could Brick Your iPhone or iPad

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A newly-discovered vulnerability in iOS could cause a restart loop on your iPhone or iPad, effectively turning the device into a sleek, shiny and very expensive paperweight.

An iOS8 vulnerability through SSL certificates can be combined with a WiFi exploit.  The device can be fed a dummy SSL certificate, which can cause it to crash.  Then, if you put that into the operating system itself, the device will continually crash and restart and crash and restart over and over again.  It's easy to do too, all a hacker would need you to do is to sign onto a WiFi network.  So if you're out in public, make sure the "attwifi" or "cablewifi" networks you see all over the place are legitimate ones.

This vulnerability was discovered by Skycure, a mobile security firm.  They've already alerted Apple to the problem, so update your devices as soon as you see the update notice.  Of course, that's assuming Apple moves on it quickly.