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Google Pays for Flaws

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A security update has been released for Google Chrome that patches several security issues and the discoverers of the security issues are getting paid.

The latest version of Chrome for Windows, Max and Linux is now 43.0.2357.130.  Part of the update fixes security flaws that were found by researchers outside of Google.  Google pays outside researchers for sending them flaws found in their systems, and one of the programmers who found one of these bugs was paid $5000 for their contribution.  Three other flaws were fixed and will be rewarded, though the amount has not yet been decided.

Google pays anywhere from $500 to $8000 to people who find and report security flaws to them.  The more severe the problem, the more they pay out.  It's a generally well-received system that helps people with the ability to hack their systems decide to help the company instead of exploit them.

Google has also rolled out a similar program for Android.